Midnight Sun Sailing Tour

Pastel shades of soft pink, lavender and cream paint everything in sight. All the small ripples and indentations along the icebergs’ countless facades are accentuated as they cast shadows upon each other with the help of the midnight sun.

Summer evenings down at the Ilulissat Harbour are full of life. It is as if every thing and every one wears invisible solar panels to soak up a natural energy all through the day and night. Fisherman are still going out to cast their final long lines of the day, and tourist boats head toward the mouth of the Ilulissat Icefjord to weave between the giants sculpted by nature.

Including us!

Our Midnight Sun Sailing Tour is the most popular of all our tours. Photographers love it for the opportunity to capture this infamous Arctic light, and adventurers love it simply to be surrounded by an environment so different from their everyday life. We head directly for the icefjord so we can spend 1.5 hours amongst the ice, just when the midnight sun is most gorgeous.