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Greenland Expeditions by Land and Sea still affiliates with Nunatsiaq Boat Charter, a private 100% Greenlandic-owned boat company, to offer summer day tours in Ilulissat, North Greenland on board its own passenger-approved boat, MV Niviarsiaq. Captain Peter Fleischer is co-owner of Nunatsiaq Boat Charter and is the sole captain of Niviarsiaq. Peter was born and raised in Uummannaq, Greenland, and has been sailing all his life in Greenland’s waters.

Whether you are a professional photographer on assignment, a couple celebrating something special or just a regular old globetrotter, a sailing trip with Niviarsiaq is a can’t miss. We frequently sail with cruise guests visiting Greenland on board large vessels. Niviarsiaq can also be chartered for private use – perfect for film crews, photo tours, or anyone wanting a bit more privacy and freedom.

There are three daily tours from June to September, so if you seek to be energized by that bright midday sun or want the more romantic atmosphere and softer hues of late evening, you can capture it with us. Read more about the tours below.

MV Niviarsiaq

Niviarsiaq is a 45-foot Kingfisher approved to sail with 12 passengers. A huge open deck, with seating for all, gives you a front-row view to all the icebergs and whales your heart desires. If you get chilly, just sit at the tables inside with a cup of hot tea. When you are warm once again, grab a complimentary blanket and go back out for round two on deck.

Boat names always have a special meaning, and Niviarsiaq is no different. In Greenlandic, Niviarsiaq means ‘a young unmarried woman’ who has all the freedom in the world to follow this path or that one, whichever her heart desires. When we sail, we channel the niviarsiaq spirit – never taking the exact same route twice and always willing to make a detour in the direction of a Humpback whale that has come to play.

A unique feature of Niviarsiaq is her immense storage capacity below deck. For charter crews with special needs, Niviarsiaq can transport up to 10 tons of cargo, liftable with its crane on board.

Note: Niviarsiaq cannot accommodate overnight guests, however there are restroom facilities on board.


Midnight Sun Sailing Tour


Tea Time Sailing Tour

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Morning Sailing Tour

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Private Charter