Voyage Day 4

Tasermiut Fjord to Narsaq (approx. 90 nm)

Every sailing expedition has that one long day at sea and Day 4 on the Tasermiut Fjord voyage is it. It just comes with the territory. Think of this as the day where you can catch up on the daily journal entries you swore you would write.

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Breakfast is served on board Nakuak’ to give fuel for the day.

After breakfast we wave goodbye to the Tasermiut forest and head back out to the mouth of the fjord. In some places we retrace our route and point out familiar landmarks while in others we steer toward the open sea and take a more westerly course.

The chef will serve lunch on board Nakuak’ at midday.

Tasiusaq _ watermarked
Tasiusaq settlement. Photo by Johan Arne Fleischer / Greenland Expeditions by Land and Sea

18.00 Arrival to Narsaq where we dock and spend the evening in harbour, but not before getting the chance to finally see if our legs still work on land. Don’t worry, if you still feel like you’re rocking back and forth even on solid ground, you’re not the only one.

The Expedition Manager leads a guided walk through Narsaq with a very specific goal in mind – dinner and a cold, locally-brewed beer from QajaQ Brewery. On this rare occasion where we eat in town, you get the chance to meet other travellers and locals and share stories from the expedition so far.

The sun sets over Narsaq in South Greenland
Narsaq. Photo by Mads Pihl / Visit Greenland
The cafe at Hotel Narsaq in South Greenland
Hotel Narsaq Cafe. Photo by Mads Pihl / Visit Greenland

The remainder of the evening is at guests’ leisure.

Day 4 Route:

Day 4 _ TSF-Narsaq w logo

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