Voyage Day 1

Narsarsuaq in South Greenland at sunset
Narsarsuaq. Photo by Mads Pihl / Visit Greenland

Embarkment. Narsarsuaq to Qaqortoq, by way of Qooroq Glacier (approx. 60 nm)

The first day of the voyage is smooth and steady sailing, giving guests the chance to meet each other and settle in after travelling far and wide to reach Greenland.

Arrival and check-in

Our voyage starts in Narsarsuaq, South Greenland.

* For guests arriving to Greenland on Air Iceland Connect’s direct international flight from Keflavik, Iceland, you will arrive on a Tuesday and will be responsible for your own program until our Tasermiut Fjord voyage begins.

* For guests arriving to Greenland on Air Greenland’s direct international flight from Copenhagen, Denmark, you will arrive the same day that the Tasermiut Fjord voyage begins. For practical information regarding travel, see Travel Info.

See the route map below

12.00 Check-in opens at Nakuak’ in Narsarsuaq Harbour

13.30  Final check-in on board Nakuak’. If any guests arrive late on departure day due to delayed flights, we will, of course, wait for all passengers before departing. 

After guests have the chance to stow their luggage in their cabins, the Expedition Manager gives a welcome and a tour of the ship including safety instructions. After a cheers of a welcome drink and small bites, the voyage officially begins and Nakuak’ departs Narsarsuaq.


14.00 Day 1’s route is a nice and easy one away from Narsarsuaq and out Tunulliarfik Fjord toward the town of Qaqortoq at the coast.

Not long after starting, we stop in front of Qooroq Glacier where the chef serves lunch. This will be the day’s main meal as we imagine most guests will still be on European time and quite tired already in the early evening.

Qooroq _ watermarked
Qooroq Glacier. Photo by Johan Arne Fleischer / Greenland Expeditions by Land and Sea

The remainder of the evening is sailing out of the fjord and noticing the individual farms that dot both the northern and southern coastlines. Coffee and tea is always available, and there will be a dessert service in the mid-evening.

22.30 Arrival to Qaqortoq Harbour for anchoring overnight

Qaqortoq _ watermarked
Qaqortoq. Photo by Johan Arne Fleischer / Greenland Expeditions by Land and Sea

Day 1 Route:

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