Sermeq Cabin, 4 pax

Sermeq Cabin all berths _ watermarked
Sermeq Cabin sleeps 4 persons, all in single berths. It is sold as a shared cabin.

18.900 DKK per person
approx. 2500 EUR per person
approx. 3000 USD per person

Sermeq Cabin small berths _ watermarked
The open berths in Sermeq Cabin. There is storage space in 1 full closet, 2 cubby closets as well as trundle drawers.
Sermeq Cabin wooden berths _ watermarked
The wooden berths in Sermeq Cabin. This cabin also has a sink, jacket hooks and radiator heating.
Lower Deck hallway _ watermarked
All cabins are located off this lower deck hallway. Sermeq Cabin is the first on the port side.